Chris Adami featured in NOVA's The Nature of Reality Blog: Information and the Origin of Life

Image: Flickr user   Tau Zero  , adapted under a   Creative Commons license  .

Image: Flickr user Tau Zero, adapted under a Creative Commons license.

What is life?

When Erwin Schrödinger posed this question in 1944, in a book of the same name, he was 57 years old. He had won the Nobel in Physics eleven years earlier, and was arguably past his glory days. Indeed, at that time he was working mostly on his ill-fated “Unitary Field Theory.” By all accounts, the publication of “What is Life?”—venturing far outside of a theoretical physicist’s field of expertise—raised many eyebrows. How presumptuous for a physicist to take on one of the deepest questions in biology!

Chris Adami to appear on Science Channel's Through the Wormhole

MSU professor Chris Adami will be featured on an upcoming episode of the Science Channel series Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

The show explores the deepest mysteries of existence, asking the 'big' questions. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming episode. View the gallery for a few behind-the-scenes shots from the filming.

In the Works

From potential alien life to the basic cell structure of human beings, Chris's active research projects are changing the way we think about interdisciplinary science. Read more about his current research.

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Chris Tweets at ChristophAdami about trying to understand how the universe works, including people and animals. And plants and microbes. So, pretty much everything.